Secret Garden - Solid Perfume Locket

Secret Garden - Solid Perfume Locket


Born out of a collaboration with The North Carolina Arboretum, the Secret Garden Scent is an enchanting and romantic fragrance.

This Limited Edition solid perfume locket features a local beeswax and jojoba oil base, infused with a blend of rose, jasmine, white pine and oud (agarwood) essential oils.

The wearer of the locket will be swept away to a secret garden tucked behind the Parisian streets. Through the wrought iron gate, roses are in full bloom, filling the heart with joy, while intoxicating jasmine flowers entrance the spirit. A waft of incense and lavender float by as from a nearby market. The scent of freshly ground pepper and fragrant tea drift in from an open window. In this garden, time stands still.

The locket will arrive wrapped in the gift box as pictured.

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