Blue Ridge Aromatics

Eastern Red Cedar Essential Oil
Asheville, NC

Wild-crafted and organic therapeutic grade essential oils. Blue Ridge Aromatics specializes in hand-distilling Western North Carolina native species uncommon on the market, sustainably harvesting plant material from local national forests and their organic farm. Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is an evergreen tree native to eastern North America. We use this fresh, invigorating essential oil in our Peppermint +
Myrtle Salt Scrub, used to exfoliate, exhilarate, and stimulate the skin and senses. Added bonus: this scrub will and transform an ordinary shower into an aromatic evergreen forest experience!


Gentle Harmony Farm

Calendula Officinales Flowers
Yadkin Valley, NC

USDA-certified organic farm that produces high-quality medicinal herbs through carefully applied hand cultivation and processing. With the flowers we receive from Gentle Harmony Farm, we make a calendula-infused olive oil that can be found in
our Rosemary + Vetiver Body Lotion, Helichrysum + Rose Facial Lotion, and Calendula + Lemon Balm Lotion Stick. Calendula has been used for centuries across the globe by the likes of Native Americans, herbalists, and traditional healers in a
variety of applications, and is known for its topical skin soothing properties.


Muscadine Naturals

Muscadine Grape Seeds
Clemmons, NC

Muscadine Naturals is a proud member of the Goodness Grows in North Carolina program. They make dietary supplements with NC Muscadine Grape Skin as a primary ingredient and we use their leftover grape seeds as an excellent exfoliating ingredient in our Peppermint + Myrtle Salt Scrub.
Muscadine grapes (Vitis rotundifolia Michx.) are indigenous to the southeastern United States and contain an array of phytonutrients including antioxidants. Fun fact: a local variety of Muscadine known as the Scuppernong grape is the official NC state fruit!


Bulls Bay Saltworks

Sea Salt
Charleston, SC

The Sea Salt used in or Peppermint + Myrtle Salt Scrub is sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of Bulls Bay off the Carolina coast. These salts are crafted in small batches entirely by hand and are crystallized using solar and wind evaporation. Bulls Bay is located in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge (a Class I Wilderness
Area), and is home to one of the healthiest saltwater ecosystems on the east coast with thriving populations of birds, oysters, clams, and sea life!