Supplier spotlight - Imladris Farms

Imladris Farm is a berry and rabbit meat farm in Fairview, NC run by Walter and Wendy Harrill located on the site of Walter's great grandparents’ subsistence farm, established in the late 1700s. Some of the original farm buildings are still in use there today!

From their on farm berry production and their network of berry farmers throughout western North Carolina, Imladris produces an incredible set of jams that anyone from Asheville immediately recognizes. A number of iconic Asheville restaurants, like Early Girl Eatery and Tupelo Honey, have used Imladris products for years. Walter can often be found standing at his product cart outside Early Girl, selling his jam and talking with passersbys.

Dana and I first spoke with Walter about using his raspberry seeds to make a raspberry seed oil for natural products while visiting the property as part of the 2014 ASAP farm tour. Walter was interested and had already been thinking about experimenting with removing the seeds for another project, so he agreed to provide the seeds, and we used an oil seed press to extract the oils. Imladris raspberry seed oil is now found in our body lotion, facial cream, and lotion stick! Thanks for being our first local supplier Walter!

Why Raspberry Seed?
First and foremost, raspberry seed oil has been repeatedly shown to be a powerful antioxidant. Studies show red raspberry seed oil to have some of the highest levels of antioxidant performance of any fruit or berry ( Creams with high levels of antioxidants protect our skin and keep us looking and feeling youthful and healthy. There are also indications that red raspberry seed oil may offer limited UV protection (…/article/pii/S0308814699002605). And while we have not had our products tested to see how much UV blocking they provide, we like to believe that when you use Mountains to Sea skin lotions, Imladris Farm’s red raspberry seed oil is there, protecting your largest organ from harmful UV radiation.

Visit Imladris!
Please visit Walter and Wendy at their farm in Fairview, and definitely pick up their jams the next time you are shopping at Earthfare.